URL Monitoring  

Unmonitored internet use can cost companies millions in lost employee productivity. By introducing a solution to monitor and block URLs, companies can take control of employee internet use, keeping it solely business focused and productive.

A survey conducted on behalf of start-up Open Orchard, funded by British Telecom, found that Internet misuse is costing Britain's small businesses almost £1.5 billion per year (Source: BBC News).

A study by the “Online Publishing Association” found that at-work Internet users spend more time per day on the Internet than watching TV (34% vs. 30%).

37.1% of employees said they surf the Web constantly at work, 31.9% said a few times a day, 21.3% said a few times a week, and only 9.7% said never (Vault.com survey).

"Companies lose up to $3,000 per year per employee due to non-business related Internet activity." (IDC Research).