Device Control

Data leakage via endpoints, both accidental and malicious, is a real threat to any organisation. Industry statistics consistently show that the most significant security threat to the organisation comes from within. Research tells us that over 60% of corporate data is residing on individuals laptops or home office computers. It’s essential to incorporate Device Control to prevent the loss of data from external sources.

Device control will enable you to block or encrypt data transferred to external media, devices, and unsecure wireless networks. It’s simply too easy for someone to connect a MP3 player, digital camera, or memory stick to a company endpoint and walk away with sensitive data. It’s just as easy to use WiFi or a 3G modem to bridge classified internal networks to open external networks. 

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will now be able to demand up to half a million pounds from firms that fail to adequately protect the personal information of their clients and the new rules will begin to be enforced from April 2010. Speak to our experienced staff at AIS to ensure that you comply with the new regulations.