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Access Information Security (AIS) have been a long standing partner with SonicWall. This is reflected by them being one of only a handful of Platinum partners in the UK, the highest tier of our SecureFirst programme. Their customers can expect the highest level of attention and expertise when it comes to our product range and we absolutely regard them as a safe pair of hands for anyone looking to renew, upgrade or implement, for the first time, our world class cyber-security technology.

Mike Awford - SonicWall Channel Sales Director, UK & Ireland

SonicWall has over 1 million active security solutions trusted by more than 500,000 organizations in 215 countries and territiories

As one of SonicWall’s largest partners in Europe, AIS has been providing Sonicwall solutions to our customers for more than 17 years.

SonicWall is a recognised leader in comprehensive information security solutions dyamically integrating intelligence services, software and hardware that engineer the risk, cost and complexity out of running a high performance business network. For nearly 30 years SonicWall solutions and service providers have given millions of business users the competitive edge of deep protection with uncompromised performance.

AIS has held the prestigious honour of being SonicWall Partner of the Year on multiple occasions.

Please give the sales team a call on 01293 229900 to learn more about SonicWall's full range of products.

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