SonicWALL secure over one million networks globally, recognising that without security and reliability, organisations cannot innovate and grow. They offer one of the most advanced tools on the market, the cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service. Their team of product engineers recognised that for advanced threat protection solutions to truly stop unknown and zero-day attacks, they would need to use a multi-engine approach leveraging cloud-based sandboxing and would need to provide simple, automated remediation. Becoming an independent company gives them the freedom to act swiftly and take advantage of more great ideas and opportunities as we identify them.


As one of SonicWALL’s largest partners in Europe, we are thrilled with this positive “next step” for a vendor we have been working with for 13 years. 

SonicWALL is a recognised leader in comprehensive information security solutions. SonicWALL solutions integrate dynamically intelligent services, software and hardware that engineer the risk, cost and complexity out of running a high performance business network. For nearly 30 years SonicWALL solutions and service providers have given millions of business users the competitive edge of deep protection with uncompromised performance. 

AIS has held the prestige of SonicWALL Partner of the Year award on multiple occasions - as a long established partner, AIS stands clear of its competitors to offer the very best in knowledge, service and pricing.

Please give the sales team a call on 01293 22 99 00 to learn more about SonicWALL's full range of products.